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Wilmington Township Mercer County was formed in 1846 and is located at the South end of Mercer County bordering on the Borough of New Wilmington in Lawrence County. Currently, the Township has a population of 1415 as of the last U.S. Census. Assessed valuation of the land within the Township is $14,492,500 with millage set at 4.67. This allows for a value of $67,680 in property taxes for the township annually. An additional millage of .80 has been set for fire protection.

Wilmington Township has 17.3 miles of road that are maintained by all part-time staff. A small area bordering the Borough of New Wilmington is serviced with public water and sewers.

The Township is mainly an agricultural community with a small portion zoned Industrial/Business and Multifamily Residential. Throughout the Township, horse drawn buggies can be found sharing the roadways with vehicles. Part of Wilmington Township's charm is the simple life of the Amish community. The beauty throughout the township can be seen in its farms, small streams, and countryside views.

The Wilmington Township Board of Supervisors meets the second Wednesday each month at 7:30 p.m. at the township building.

News Items

Spring Clean Up

Waste Management has rescheduled their Spring Clean-Up for Wilmington Township Mercer County on June 19.  Items should be placed at the curb by midnight June 18.  This event is limited to residents who use the tote or sticker service only.  If you do not have an account with Waste Management for garbage service, you cannot participate.


Tax Collector and Township Office Closed

The Tax Collector and Township offices are now closed to the public.  The Tax Collector has a drop off box at her home for anyone wishing to hand deliver their taxes.  If you need to speak to the township secretary, you may do so by calling 724-946-8074.  If you need to speak to a township supervisor, please call Dick Wilson at 724-674-2086.

Rabies Clinic

The Rabies Clinic originally being held on April 25, 2020 has been cancelled.

Declaration of Disaster Emergency

Please do not be alarmed as you hear of many municipalities in Mercer County declaring a local disaster emergency in the near future.  We do NOT know something you don't.  We are working under the direction of the Department of Public Safety.  We are being proactive during a time of uncertainty.  As this situation is changing hour by hour, it is important that we stay on top of things with respect to our municipal functions.  This emergency declaration allows municipalities to have meetings pertaining to the emergency that are not advertised and permits certain latitudes with respect to procurement of materials or supplies that relate to the emergency.

Wilmington Township Mercer County Board of Supervisors and secretary are proud to serve our communityand are blessed to have such wonderful residents.  We are working our best to keep the township running smoothly during this time.

The township building will now be closed to the public at the direction of the Governor and the Department of Public Safety.  We do understand you may need to contact us.  Please call the township office with any questions or concerns at 724-946-8074.  When the secretary is not in the office, she will be checking messages remotely.  Township email is wilmingtontwp@gmail.com.  If necessary, you will find important messages/ipdates here on our homepage.


Free Mercer Area Library Card for Wilmington Township Mercer County Residents

The Civic League is proud to announce that it has purchased a membership for all residents of Wilmington Township Mercer County. Simply go to the Mercer Area Library to get signed up!

To obtain a library card, come to the library with 1 form of photo identification (driver's license, etc) OR 2 forms of non-photo identification (checkbook, utility bill, etc.) that has your current residential address.

Library cards are free to adults and children (first grade and up) who are residents of Wilmington Township Mercer County. This is a $20 savings per family.

Patrons with a library card from another library in Pennsylvania with an Access Pennsylvania sticker are also eligible for a free card (card valid for 1 year).

Mercer Area Library

110 E. Venango Street

Mercer, PA 16137



2020 Dog Licenses Available


The 2020 dog licenses are in and available at the township building for purchase. The cost is as follows:

  • Male or Female - $9.00
  • Spayed or Neutered - $7.00
  • Male or Female (Senior Citizens) - $7.00
  • Spayed or Neutered (Senior Citizens) - $5.00

If you would like to make out your form prior to coming in to purchase the licenses, you can obtain a copy of the form by clicking on Documents/Applications on the left toolbar. Wilmington Township collects $0.50 for each dog license sold through the office.


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